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Training of new personnel 

Rope Access Courses

CWS is developing an IRATA/SPRAT certified training center.

Paint Repair

Always Prepared

These structures require very specific paint mixed proportionately to protect it from the sea air and water. If left unattended can cause expensive repairs.

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SRL Repair


During the first period of entry into the offshore wind industry, we anticipate that each SRL equipped tower will have one fall or slip incident. No matter the lightness of the fall, the cable needs to be inspected to ensure no future incidences which could cause more costly moves. Have no concern about the delivery of product for repair as we will come to you and if requested will perform an up tower repair.

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Blade Inspection and Repair

Rope Access and UAS blade inspections.

Construction Generator Servicing

During construction of OSW turbines, your project may use a generator stationed on the platform to deliver energy to the hub allowing the rotor to spin easing the downward pressure on the blade bearings. 

THESE BLADES ARE HEAVY and only becoming larger.

SGRE SG 14-222 CVOW Project 

Blade length : 108 meters or 354 feet. 

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